TAFE State


Christine Leal, Staff Writer

One of the school’s most competitive organizations, the Texas Association of Future Educators, or TAFE club, competed at the state level last month. Most incredibly, the team competing in the Ethical Dilemma competition placed 1st overall and qualified for the national level competition in Washington D.C. that will occur later this year in June. The members of this team, Casey Hernandez, Christine Leal, Jessica Santa Ana, and Shanna Thomas, also received scholarships for their great performance in the event.

However with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the national competition is still up in the air with regards to traveling and competing in Washington DC.

The state level competition was held on February 20 – 22, 2020 and produced many proud achievements. TAFE is an organization where students can compete in events centered around education, from speaking events to projects and research competitions. Students compete in three levels: regionals, state, and nationals.

Last November, the members of our school’s TAFE chapter competed at the regional event at Vanguard Rembrandt Academy in Pharr. Out of nearly 30 competitors, 12 qualified for state competition through two routes, contest and competition. Unlike other competitive clubs offered at World Scholars, some TAFE events, such as Portfolio, are contests that only require that the participant achieve a certain amount of points, based on the rubric, to proceed to the next level of competition. This enables more students to be able to continue to state, since contenders don’t have to beat out other students for the top spots. Other events are just like that of other clubs, as they are competitions that only allow the top few teams to continue to the next level, such as Ethical Dilemma.

Every year, the TAFE state competition is held in a different city. Previous years have had competitions in Dallas, Austin, or Houston. However, this year, the TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit was held in McAllen, at the convention center. Students came from all over the state, some even travelling 13 or more hours to reach the Rio Grande Valley. Fortunately, since World Scholars is only 20 minutes away from the convention center, the competitors from our school were spared from the long commute most other schools had to experience.

The summit took place over three days, from Thursday to Saturday. The first day included the opening ceremony to welcome all of the schools to the competition and had guest speakers to offer words of wisdom to all competitors before the start of the events. After this, the schools were released to the convention center to find a place to set up their bags and projects as well as find their competition rooms. In addition, TAFE released an app for the conference, as a way to send announcements to the schools about event time changes and reminders about the events occurring around the convention center.

In addition to guest speakers and competitions, the conference included a college tour for UTRGV, and a dance following the last general assembly and awards show.

Many of the competitors from World Scholars placed in their events at the state level. Here are the results:

Breakout Session Presentation: Bronze Certificate: Jade Williams, Dalyla Gonzalez, & Victoria Lazo-Romero

Portfolio: Gold Certificate: Alehandra Castillo
Portfolio: Gold Certificate: Victoria Lazo-Romero

Interactive Bulletin Board – Middle School: Red Ribbon: Chloe Paiz & Shanna Thomas

Project Visualize – Service: Red Ribbon: Cameron Esparza & Lonni Garcia

World Scholars is proud of all the competitors for their amazing work this year and is hoping to continue to build the program.