Words In Deep Blue Book Review

Courtesy of GoodReads

Courtesy of GoodReads

Shanna Thomas, Circulation Manager

Romance, tragedy, and comedy exquisitely rolled into one book: Words in Deep Blue written by Cath Crowley is one emotional rollercoaster. A coming of age love story following Rachel and Henry marks down the agony of grief. This multi-perspective book offers more than an adorable young adult romance novel but the perfect antidote for those who crave an adventure.

They were childhood buddies who grew up together in Gracetown, Australia. Rachel, a fifteen year-old, realizes her affection for Henry Jones just days before her move to Sea Ridge, Australia. She then leaves a love letter for Henry in Howling Book, the homey second hand shop that Henry’s parents own. Howling Book is popular for its Letter Library where patrons write letters, underline passages, scribble down messages, and share their thoughts through books. Rachel then leaves a love letter in Henry’s favorite book, hoping he would reply back. He never did and Rachel moved on and never kept in touch.

Years later, tragedy struck. The death of her brother Carl left her aching in pain. Since Sea Ridge became a reminder of the unfortunate event, Rachel decided to move back to her hometown.

Henry, who faced divorced parents, a broken relationship, and the midst of losing his second home, chooses to be positive and optimistic despite the trials he is challenged with.

Rachel then gets a job at Howling Book to catalog all notes, messages, underlined passages. Working with your past best friend/ crush led to multiple awkward situations, conversation and much more. Together they both learn how to navigate their teen lives, recover from grief, and fall deeply in love.

Cath Crowley perfectly depicts the truth of tragedy and the hardships to come in one’s life. The importance of forgiveness, trust, and worth are all immensely relative in Words in Deep Blue. Reading this book was an escape of lifetime. The 290 paged book was worth the time and it is highly recommended for those who seek an adventure.