Hong Kong Protests and the Coronavirus


Two HK protestors watch as a Chinese Coronavirus Quarantine site goes up in flames. (Courtesy of theprojectsworld.com)

Calib Rodriguez, Photographer

February 27, 2020, the world is in panic. Health authorities have discovered a new type of deadly virus spreading. This is the Coronavirus, or COIVD-19. Many believe that this virus originated from a northeastern province in China, specifically, Wuhan China. There have been about 93,000 cases of the virus, and over 200 dead. However, many of these patients had existing health concerns, and as of late, those who do catch it are more likely to recover than die. While this is great news, we should still treat this virus with caution, as there is no telling when or how this virus could mutate.

February 23 is being considered by the Chinese government as the latest in anti-government protest violence in Hong Kong; in the ensuing chaos, 115 people were arrested by Chinese authorities. Many of the city’s authorities, like the Financial Secretary, Paul Chan Mo-Po warn, of further harm to Hong Kong’s Fragile Economy. “The blocking of the roads and the use of petrol bombs in Mong Kok was worrying…If the violent clashes continue, it would harm the citizens, hurt costumer sentiment, and affect businesses.” He stated on a television talk show.

Coupled with the Coronavirus spreading throughout all of China, many eyes are on the Communist/Socialist state in how they deal with the two major conflicts. Disregarding the way they might deal with these problems, there will be no doubt that Hong Kong, and most of China will change. Whether or not this change will be for the better, is yet to be seen.