Coronavirus Updates


In this Jan. 28, 2020 file photo, medical staff in protective outfits wait at the entrance of a clinic for fever patients and patients from Wuhan in Fuyang in central China's Anhui Province. As China institutes the largest quarantine in human history, locking down more than 50 million people in the center of the country, those who have recently been to Wuhan are being tracked, monitored, turned away from hotels and shoved into isolation at their homes and in makeshift quarantine facilities. (Chinatopix via AP. File)

Santiago Carbajal, Staff Writer

The Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak has spread exponentially across China, into other surrounding countries, and those with heavy travel to and from China. There have been over twenty thousand confirmed cases and over four hundred deaths, with each toll rising daily. Since we last covered this story the World Health Organization has declared an international emergency, and efforts from countries all over the world are being focused toward the containment of the virus. Flights from China are being screened for the virus in international airports, and banning travel from the country altogether is being taken into consideration by the United States.

A cure or treatment for this virus is yet to be found, and disinformation surrounding it is rampant. We advise staying informed through trusted news sources. This story is rapidly developing and we will continue coverage through our portal. We have provided a chart from the Associated Press outlining the virus figures below.