Pearl Harbor Shooting: Terror Strikes 77 Years Later


Courtesy of USA Today

John Escareno, Co-Editor

Wednesday, December 4th, a sailor opened fire on civilians at the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, killing 2 shipyard workers, wounding another, then taking his life. The shooting took place at around 2:30 Hawaii Standard Time, but the end of the attack hasn’t been released yet.
The sailor, whose name has yet to be released until officials can inform their next of kin, seemed to not have a motive, though said motive might come to light in the coming days. But yet, this shooting has affected Pearl Harbor and the surrounding area greatly, especially seeing as this shooting is only days before the anniversary of the infamous bombings on Pearl Harbor that happened in 1941.
According to many, the shooting caught almost all off guard. Two servicemen, Alex Ojeda and Will Churchill were leaving work when the shooting began. “We didn’t expect it at all,” Ojeda said.
While details remain unclear, the shooting that has just taken place at Pearl Harbor has taken the nation aback, and many are hoping that reasons and identities will soon become available in the coming days. One can only wish the best for those who lost someone on that day.