YouTubers Help Raise $20,000,000 to Plant Trees

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Aliyah Hernandez, Circulation Manager

If you’ve been on YouTube or watching the news lately, then you’ve might have seen some videos on planting more trees to save the planet.

In his latest video “Planting 20,000,000 Trees, My Biggest Project Ever!”, Mr. Beast managed to plant 1,700 trees (with the help of his friends and volunteers). Though the number of trees planted was not what the title stated, Mr. Beast called out to his subscribers, asking them to donate to a website called Arbor Day.

Arbor Day is a nonprofit organization that strives to help make our planet a greener and healthier place. Teaming up with YouTubers such as Mark Robber and Jacksepticeye, Arbor Day hopes to reach its goal of planting 20,000,000 trees by 2020. Other major YouTubers such as The Try Guys, Jeffree Star, and Rhett & Link from “Good Mythical Morning” have decided to donate and encourage their subscribers to do so as well.

This, however, is not enough. With 66 days left until 2020, Arbor Day would have to ask bigger internet personalities or celebrities if they want to reach their goal. Luckily, many young adults have shown a great interest in saving the planet based on the worldwide global climate strike that happened this September.

If you want to know more about Arbor Day and how you can help them achieve their goal, visit where you can get 10 trees just by signing up.