Mendoza Heads to BPA National Competition in May


Andrea Cantu, Staff Writer

Angelica Mendoza, 11th grader, placed first at the BPA State Conference 2019 in Dallas, Texas on March 6th, 2019 through March 9, 2019, and will advance to the Nationals Conference in Anaheim, California in May. A total of 11 students, along with Ms. Sarabia and Mrs. Pratt,    attended this year’s state conference and came back with wonderful memories.

“It was an amazing experience. I got to witness how competitive students from around the state really are and how accomplished everyone is. This year’s SLC was different from last year’s in the sense that it was in a bigger city which means more competitors and higher stakes,” Angelica Mendoza said.

With the guidance of Mrs. Pratt and Ms. Sarabia, the BPA members were able to advance and showcase their skills at state competition.

I’m grateful that I got to advance this year to the national level which I wasn’t as fortunate to attend last year. But this year was much more intense from last year,” Mendoza said.

Preparing for nationals requires dedication and determination.

“I’ve definitely been trying to prepare more for the National Conference by tweaking the little details and perfecting everything for it to be national level worthy. I’m thinking of new ideas on how to improve and grasp the judges’ attention whether it be by adding more posters or more props,” Mendoza said.

It takes discipline to achieve success.

“I practice my speech daily and always attempt to make time to recite it in front of someone to get rid of my nervousness,” Mendoza said.

Not everyone earns the opportunity to advance in participating at national competition.

“I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to advance to nationals. I’m very excited to compete among the best in the nation and ready to enjoy my time in Anaheim no matter the outcome. It’s something I’ve been working hard for and I’m glad that my hard work has paid off to get me this far,” Mendoza said.

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