BETA Flag Football Tryouts


Alex Hernandez, Staff Writer

BETA Football tryouts were held for two weeks, boys and girls included. Some say it was one the most intense and hardest tryouts that they’ve ever faced.  

One of the players from the girl’s football team tryouts commented that the were competitive. 

“I feel like I could’ve done better but overall it was a good tryout with many good players trying out. If I did or didn’t [make the team] I will still have a positive mindset”  

The girls are very talented and have a good chance this season to look do well. 

“…if we keep working on our catches and throws, we would perfect football especially with our hardworking and amazing coaches Cano and Hernandez.” 

Many people said that the boys football tryouts were the most intense based on the speed many players gave that day; there was more than 20 people trying out for the guys and girls.  

A player trying out for the guy’s football team felt the competition was tough. 

“I felt it was an intense tryout because of how many good players tried out.  “I gave it my all so I’m hoping I did enough to make the team”  

It’s too soon to tell about the chances of winning the tournament, but with practice and dedication anything is possible. 

“With many of our guys having speed …[is one way to compete and have] a high chance of winning once again.”