The Basketball Tournament

The Basketball Tournament

Calib Rodriguez, Photographer

The STISD Basketball Tournament was held on December 15, and it was quite the showing. All teams were playing their best, to take the team trophy home.

Before the game, we interviewed Marquess Vela on how he felt, and he had this to say “I feel like we have really worked out all the issues like communication, and everyone is going to be on their best game today.”

The BETA girls team lost to the Medical Academy Girls team, 24 to 23. A heart-breaker for the Lady Tornados who worked hard all season and won several games against their sister schools.

It was a disheartening that we lost, “but we are all winners because we made it here, and that’s pretty great,” Madeline Vries said.

The BETA Boys team would however, secure the victory and bring the first-place trophy home when they beat the Medical Academy’s Angels 43 to 34.

“I am proud of all my team members because they all worked hard to get here, and this trophy shows that,” Coach Cano said.