Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse: Soundtrack Review


Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Christine Leal, Staff Writer

The soundtrack for the latest installment in the Spider-Man universe, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, includes a wide-variety of voices and styles. And the music is so intricately woven into the plot and it connects well with the animation style. With a mix of Latin, rap, lo-fi, and hip-hop, the music matches the movie’s personality and aesthetic incredibly well. Just listening to the soundtrack gives you the feeling of being a teenager in Brooklyn or a superhero leaping off buildings.  

The album also features the late XXXTENTACION in Scared of the Darkwhich is a very emotional, somber song that uses darkness as a symbol of death and dying. “Why would a star, a star ever be afraid of the dark?” 

Let Go by Beau Young Prince is a deep, emotional, song that really captures Miles Morales’ feelings during the climax, when he’s trying to find himself. It’s a good song to listen to when you need time to yourself to think. “Who do you call when you need some help? Who do you call when you by yourself? Who do you call when you feel down low? I just wanna scream, I just wanna explode. I, I just wanna let go.” 

Invincible by Aminé is on the more chill side of the soundtrack. It’s a song that is motivating and it truly makes you feel invincible. It’s a song that grabs you and tells you to go out there and make your dreams come true. I got a dream so I can’t stop now. gotta stop feeling invisible and start feeling invincible.” 

Hide by Juice WRLD is clearly about a girl, which in the sense of the movie could mean Miles’ feelings towards Gwen Stacy. For the short time that they’re in the same universe, they get along really well and one could hope that the filmmakers will expand on them in the next movie (if there is another one, which many are hoping for) “We’re just two lost souls, but we’re fine with it.” 

Memories by Thutmose is another song about a girl, but unlike Hide, it is a song that is reminiscing about a past love, which most likely means Peter B. Parker’s ex-wife, MJ. In his universe, they divorce, which leads to his decline. He doesn’t take it well, which has a similar meaning to this song. It’s a nice, chill, song to listen to. My memories came back in the form of someone else. I know this feelin‘, yes, I know it very well. Why won’t you love me now? Why won’t you love me now?” 

Sunflower by Post Malone and Swae Lee is one of the main songs of the movie, as Miles is shown singing along to it multiple times in the movie. This song is really delightful. It’s a good song to listen to whether you’re sitting, writing a movie review, or walking down the street. “Then you’re left in the dust, unless I stuck by ya. You’re a sunflower, I think your love would be too much.”  

Home by Vince Staples fits its name well. It’s a song about defending your home and what you love, which fits the theme of the movie. Never giving up and never giving in. I’m gonna get, they don’t give then I take. Can’t take me down now. My feet on the ground now. Fight ’til I’m down now.” 

Start a Riot by DUCKWRTH & Shaboozey is a very energetic and loud song that captures the cool, Brooklyn-style superhero theme. Definitely a good song to work out to. “I don’t need no supersuit, I’m feelin‘ brave.”  

Way Up by Jaden Smith is another high energy, powerful song that is enough to boost anyone’s confidence. It gives you the feeling of redemption and coolness, like that you won’t ever accept defeat. Everyone cheer in the crowd, but I’m still way up, I’m over the clouds.”  

Elevate by DJ Khalil is another high energy song that’s really cool that also includes that superhero vibe. I jump off this building to save these civilians. My strength and my honor is trusted by children. I’m ready and willing to fight all these villains. No chaos or killings, my style is so brilliant.” 

Save the Day by Ski Mask the Slump God & Jacquees is an up-beat rap song about, well, saving the day. It even has little nods to the movie, saying, “Climb all the way to the top like a spider.”  

What’s Up Danger by Black Caviar and Blackway is the song played towards the end of the movie, where Miles is sitting on top of a building contemplating whether he should risk his life trying to help his friends or sit back and let them do all the work. It’s an important scene in the movie as well as the one of the most stunning scenes in the movie. As he leaps off of the building, you get an amazing, colorful view of the city. It’s a song that fits so well with this scene. It tells you to take risks, which Miles does. I like tall buildings so I can leap off of them. I go hard with it no matter how dark it is.” 

Familia by Nicki Minaj and Anuel AA is one of the latin songs in this album. Family is an important part of the movie as Miles’ family means a lot to him. It’s also the central motivation for the main villain Kingpin, whose intention were to bring back his family from another dimension. “Nobody mess with my familia.”