The Man Behind the Logo


Santiago Gonzalez

Julia Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief

As our school transitioned from BETA to World Scholars, our students transitioned from being a tornado to a lion, and the Tornado Press transformed into the Daily Roar. Along with a new name, a new logo was greatly needed for the press. It was a significant figure of discussion among the press writers as soon as school started: have the logo designed on paper, or designed digitally to comply with the digital format? After weighing the pros and cons of each medium, the Daily Roar decided on pursuing a logo in the digital format. In search of a new designer, Editor-in-Chief Julia Rodriguez asked former tech teachers for suggestions. Mrs. Tite, who taught photoshop, suggested Santiago Gonzalez, a junior who was in the tech track.
Rodriguez immediately consulted Gonzalez, and he was more than happy to take the job. “I took the job because I want to help out the school in such a way that… … (I’m) leaving a mark using what World Scholars has taught me,” Gonzalez said.
Rodriguez discussed the Press’s vision of what their dream logo would look like in great detail, and with the help of a few sketches provided by the press team, Gonzalez got to work. Gonzalez, who purchased Adobe Illustrator on his computer, considers himself self-taught, but did mention the tech classes previously offered at World Scholars facilitated his skill. Specifically, the certification BETA offered. “I reinforced my technical knowledge with the program and certification that BETA used to offer. It would be cool to see if they bring these classes back for more students to start drawing and enforcing their digital art skills,” Gonzalez noted.
Fortunately, more tech classes are being introduced to World Scholars. Students can choose from animation, cybersecurity, and computer science for their schedule next year.
Rodriguez worked closely with Gonzalez for a few weeks until the logo was complete. There were a few tweaks here and there, but with the collaboration between the two, the Daily Roar Lion soon came to life. Rodriguez is currently working on getting the new logo copyrighted so it can be preserved for generations to come.
“I feel very honored to have helped the school with such a small thing but yet so impactful for the future scholars. I would be happy to help again,” Gonzalez told Rodriguez.
The Daily Roar writers are interested in commissioning Gonzalez once again to embellish the logo to correspond with the season. Wouldn’t a shamrock or Santa hat look good on our lion?
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Julia Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief, with Santiago Gonzalez, logo designer