Hong Kong Protesters’ Successful Protest Bill


Courtesy of South China Morning Post

Calib Rodriguez, Photographer

As of October 21, China has killed their upcoming extradition bill. This bill was subject to protests spanning over 5 months long. If it had been passed, the bill would have allowed Mainland China to bring military might to Hong Kong under the guise of “apprehending fugitives.” The Chief executive of China, Ms. Carrie Lam, may lose her job because of this bill. Even though the protesters have achieved their goal, their protests are far from over.

Let’s look at the origins of the bill. Last year there was a murder involving a pregnant woman and her husband. The wife was murdered and the husband collared as a suspect, however he escaped to Hong Kong. China formally requested that HK deliver the suspect, but HK government officials refused. Following this action, Carrie Lam officially proposed an extradition bill at the beginning of 2019, and Hong Kong citizens have been in a state of unrest. “This is the end of Hong Kong. If Carrie Lam continues to be our chief executive, we only see real darkness ahead,” quotes one disgruntled housewife.

However, even though the bill was shot down, there are still protests going on. During many gatherings, there were multiple cases of police brutality and injured civilians. They were using unjustified force on peaceful protestors. As time passed, the attacks rose in brutality. Protestors were either shot or beaten down, it was chaos and it still is. The protests continue for better treatment of Hong Kong and its citizens. Until then civilians have developed ways to handle the police’s riot strategy and try to help those who have been savaged by China’s riot police. Left unchecked this entire affair could spiral out of control, if you can say it already hasn’t.