Teens Wearing MAGA Hats Shock the Country

Courtesy of ABC News

Courtesy of ABC News

Aliyah Hernandez, Circulation Manager

If you’d been on Twitter for a while, you’d most likely seen a viral video of teens surrounding an elder Native American, who was singing and banging a drum while the teens were chanting “Build the wall” or “Trump 2020”.

Since the video has gone viral, people began to feel outraged and ashamed of the students’ behavior. Chris Evans, actor known for his role as Captain America, tweeted “This is appalling. The ignorance. The gall. The disrespect. It’s shameful. And sadly, on brand. When something like this isn’t even surprising, it’s evidence to our place in the cycle of recreating our darker chapters. That Native American man showed incredible strength and dignity.”

While many agreed with Evans and shared their disbelief on this video, some wanted to see what lead up to the event. Later another video was posted, showing what lead up to the shocking event. The video starts with men and a woman challenging the teens to call for peace. The men, who identified continued to read scriptures as the crowd slowly started to lose interest and walk away.

The men, who were later identified as Hebrew Israelites, which is a movement that believes that some African American men are descendants of an Israelite tribe, start to call out to the students wearing the MAGA hats. Soon, a crowd of students start to form as the Hebrew Israelites start calling the students “incest children” and the hats “racist.”

While some students walked away, most joined the crowd, and began chanting as the men started shouting at them. According to Nick Sandman, the boy who appeared in the video and stirred up the controversy, a student asked their teacher if they could chant their school spirit chants to counter the hateful comments being shouted at the students. A student then jumps in front of the crowd, rips his shirt off, and leads the crowd to start chanting their school chants.

Then Nathan Phillips, the Native American elder that has touched the hearts of many, entered the scene. Nick Sandman walked up to Phillips as the crowd of students started to chant

“Build a wall”. Phillips began banging his drum as the students were apparently “mocking his chant”.

As Phillips disappears, the Hebrew Israelites began to target the students once more, calling them “future school shooters”. The students start to boo at the men and accused them of being racist as they get a signal to leave from one of their chaperones. The students cheer as they run off, chanting “let’s go home”. As the students were leaving, the Hebrew Israelites begin to do a prayer circle.

And with that, the video ended, showing the untold events that were leading up to the mocking of Nathan Phillips. While people were shaming the kids for disrespecting the Native American Elder, Nathan Phillips was being interviewed by CNN, some noticed his story wasn’t adding up. In the end, this story is another controversy that will define how our nation comes together in times of complications with the people of our country.

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